BTC: $3,317.22 -3.11%
XRP: $0.29912 -1.44%
ETH: $86.87 -2.77%
MARKETCAP: $105,260,026,016
24H VOL: $12,026,497,284
BTC: 55%
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin $3,317.22 $57,791,753,476 $4,424,156,701 -3.11% -3.49% Bitcoin
2 XRP XRP $0.29912 $12,242,003,630 $308,765,713 -1.44% -1.44% XRP
3 Ethereum Ethereum $86.87 $9,015,724,160 $1,786,596,537 -2.77% -0.44% Ethereum
4 Stellar Stellar $0.10486 $2,009,983,251 $56,472,685 -6.03% -8.37% Stellar
5 Tether Tether $1.00 $1,859,721,962 $2,758,498,014 -0.63% -0.11% Tether
6 EOS EOS $1.86 $1,686,750,370 $608,966,535 -3.01% +6.91% EOS
7 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash $89.88 $1,573,765,460 $79,583,190 -8.99% -13.92% Bitcoin Cash
8 Bitcoin SV Bitcoin SV $80.72 $1,413,402,239 $65,393,975 -6.80% -25.72% Bitcoin SV
9 Litecoin Litecoin $23.63 $1,407,671,560 $315,099,896 -1.61% -9.14% Litecoin
10 TRON TRON $0.01317 $872,336,744 $83,416,258 -0.45% +2.76% TRON

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