1 Bitcoin Bitcoin $6,347.91 $109,670,000,000 $3,958,040,000 -0.23% +0.53% Bitcoin
2 Ethereum Ethereum $209.585 $21,389,800,000 $1,435,430,000 -0.76% +19.13% Ethereum
3 XRP XRP $0.323966 $12,896,800,000 $483,656,000 +1.28% +22.39% XRP
4 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash $425.292 $7,381,860,000 $290,771,000 -3.08% +0.15% Bitcoin Cash
5 EOS EOS $5.07598 $4,600,080,000 $537,583,000 -1.23% +4.22% EOS
6 Stellar Stellar $0.205236 $3,855,280,000 $45,221,800 -2.2% +3.64% Stellar
7 Litecoin Litecoin $53.783 $3,138,830,000 $242,273,000 -1.12% +7.72% Litecoin
8 Tether Tether $1.00115 $2,759,600,000 $2,263,910,000 -0.07% -0.05% Tether
9 Cardano Cardano $0.0709397 $1,839,260,000 $78,296,000 +2.87% +11.03% Cardano
10 Monero Monero $109.063 $1,790,790,000 $31,422,800 -2.74% +8.24% Monero

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