1 Bitcoin Bitcoin $6,592.81 $113,501,000,000 $5,002,150,000 +3.51% +6.72% Bitcoin
2 Ethereum Ethereum $319.187 $32,362,900,000 $2,046,530,000 +9.06% -3.39% Ethereum
3 XRP XRP $0.360771 $14,204,400,000 $526,437,000 +22.05% +15.13% XRP
4 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash $599.463 $10,370,000,000 $481,958,000 +14.26% +6.23% Bitcoin Cash
5 EOS EOS $5.53553 $5,016,550,000 $1,046,190,000 +19.82% +5.66% EOS
6 Stellar Stellar $0.240416 $4,513,020,000 $93,091,800 +10.23% +10.79% Stellar
7 Litecoin Litecoin $61.5602 $3,563,720,000 $269,384,000 +10.22% +5.29% Litecoin
8 Cardano Cardano $0.109015 $2,826,450,000 $117,429,000 +12.11% -5.02% Cardano
9 Tether Tether $1.00078 $2,704,260,000 $3,910,330,000 +0.11% -0.22% Tether
10 Monero Monero $100.897 $1,647,300,000 $27,533,100 +9.63% +9.46% Monero

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San Francisco Court Orders Suspect to Pay Bail in Cryptocurrency

According to new federal court decision, a suspect charged with hacking video game company Electronic Arts has been ordered to pay bail in cryptocurrency. Nothing...
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Zero-Commission Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Coinberry Announces Partnership with BRD

Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform Coinberry recently announced a new partnership with Switzerland-based wallet provider, BRD. This alliance is expected to grant a seamless trading experience...
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Cryptocurrency Exchanges Excluded from Venture Firms List by South Korean Government, Angers Cryptocurrency Platform Operators

Cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea have condemned their exclusion by the country’s government from the classification of venture firms. Many platform operators believe the development...
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Binance LCX Launches Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency Exchange Service in Liechtenstein

Binance LCX has announced the launch of a fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange platform in Liechtenstein. The announcement follows plans to unveil similar services in Uganda a few...
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Crypto Activist Andreas Antonopoulos Calls Bitcoin ETFs a “Terrible Idea”

Popular cryptocurrency activist and educator Andreas Antonopoulos responded to questions surrounding the numerous proposed Bitcoin ETF listings filed with SEC recently in the latest edition...
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Genesis Mining Set to Scrap Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining Contracts Due to Lack of Profitability

Genesis mining has announced the imminent shutdown of open-ended Bitcoin mining contracts. The cloud mining service platform has advised users to migrate to a five-year...
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