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CoinSpectator Review – Cryptocurrency News Aggregator and ICO Directory

CoinSpectator Review

Initially launched as a cryptocurrency blog in 2013, CoinSpectator is now one of the most widely-used cryptocurrency news aggregators and ICO directories. In this CoinSpectator Review, we’ll cover all the features of the platform and explain how it can be used for traders.

News Aggregator

CoinSpectator’s news aggregation allows traders and crypto enthusiasts to find the latest cryptocurrency news in real-time. Users will appreciate the sleek design, filters, and powerful search. Combined these features make it possible to quickly find the type of news you’re looking for.

CoinSpectator Platform Review


Near the top of the page, you’ll see all of the features that allow you to sort your content.

  • Latest News/Top News – This drop-down allows you to choose between viewing the latest news or the most rated news (which we’ll talk about more below).
  • Search The search bar allows you to search for specific cryptocurrencies or headlines.
  • Sources – The check box filters allow you to choose between 8 different types of news sources.
    • News – News from top cryptocurrency news websites and mainstream news sites covering cryptocurrencies.
    • Blogs –  Stories covered by noteworthy blogs.
    • Projects – News and updates directly from cryptocurrency projects and teams.
    • Discussion – Popular cryptocurrency posts and discussions on social media platforms like Reddit.
    • Influencers – Tweets from well respected and widely-followed members of the cryptocurrency community.
    • Videos – Feed of YouTube videos from the top cryptocurrency channels.
    • PR – Press releases covering cryptocurrency projects.
    • Exchange – Exchange news and updates, including newly listed cryptocurrencies.

In the example below, we were easily able to find the top recent news stories for Monero.

CoinSpectator Monero Filters

Community Sentiment

When viewing a story on CoinSpectator, users have the ability to vote on headlines as “Bullish”, “Bearish”, “Shilling”, or “Fud”. This allows you to express how you feel about each story, as well as see the views of other CoinSpectator users.

To vote on headlines, you must create a free account, though you can view other users’ votes without being logged in.

CoinSpectator Community Sentiment

Stories with the most votes will show up as top news stories in the CoinSpectator feed.

ICO Directory

CoinSpectator also allows you to view Ongoing, Upcoming, Completed, “Hot”, and “Scam” initial coin offerings (ICOs). Unlike with news, the platform does not allow voting on ICOs. This is likely for good reason, as ICO promoters would attempt to manipulate this type of voting.

CoinSpectator ICOs

Final Thoughts

As a free tool, CoinSpectator is a great way to keep track of breaking news for the cryptocurrencies you care about. The tool is most valuable to traders who make decisions based on fast changing market sentiment.

When compared to some competing websites, CoinSpectator offers a far more sleek and easy to use platform despite including a greater number of news sources.

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