New Cryptocurrency ‘Gazecoin’ Allows Users to Purchase Virtual Real Estate on Mars

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The Red Planet Land Rush has officially begun as the all new Gazecoin has announced an ‘Initial Land Offering’ (ILO) for virtual real estate on Mars.

In perhaps one of the most unusual blockchain projects to have ever hit market, a blockchain company called Gazecoin is releasing a new open universe survival game based on fighting and fantasy. The company behind the project is now offering players the opportunity to buy real estate in two virtual cities at the center of the game universe. One of these cities is a replica of Amsterdam’s famous red-light district.

“The venture was inspired by Elon Musk‘s challenge to entrepreneurs to create businesses on Mars, issued at SXSW in Austin Texas earlier this year,” reads the Gazecoin website. “The first city is located on top of Mount Olympus and is based on the geographical layout of ‘Black Rock City’ created every year for ‘Burning Man’. The second city is based in Utopia Planitia, the Mars location where the NASA Viking project landed in 1971, and is a replica Amsterdam’s red-light district – with a finite supply of canals and red light windows.”

Mars will now serve as the setting for a battle royale-type game between warring tribes and gangsters. The game will offer token rewards to its most talented players.

The game offers two game modes, each taking place in the virtual universe’s two different cities. City 1 is called the Dream Channel, where players will be pitted against each other in a deathmatches taking place ‘inside their dreams’. Surviving players will be rewarded with Gaze tokens. The second city, Fantasy, is based on Amerstdam’s red light district, and will focus on players fighting each other for land within the city.

“Red Planet Land Rush uses a property model that is finite, strictly limited and fixed to the exact city size of the two city structures – but the initiative is bound to stimulate other settlements and is expandable via the game itself. Land can be linked to other worlds via the Gaze Coin Wormhole Transport System.”

Virtual property owners can either own or rent land within the game where they can create their own ‘dream theme’ to host battles. Land owners will also be given the option to rent out their ‘Dreamspaces’ to other players using the ERC721 ‘rent’ tokens in order to earn extra revenue. Pre-sale for the Red Planet Land Rush begins September 16th.

Blockchain projects focused on gaming and fantasy are drawing increased interest from developers as an innovative means for generating revenue in crypto. Just this week, we saw the popular Etheremon game announce plans to move to Zilliqa in an effort to better serve its growing user base, as well as announcements from ex-football star Ronaldhino and Major League Baseball who are both planning to launch new digital tokens for recreational audiences.

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