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Huobi Derivatives Trading Surpasses $1B Over Christmas

HUobi Global

Huobi, a major crypto exchange, has announced that it handled over $1 billion on its derivatives market (Huobi DM) on December 25th, an isolated accomplishment that highlights a broader trend in crypto investing. The company’s main trading platform remains one of the leading crypto exchanges, but Huobi DM in particular saw significant gains in trading volume. This event could indicate that crypto derivatives trading is on the rise.

What Is Derivatives Trading?

Derivatives trading essentially allows investors to perform contract-based trades that have set prices and which are executed at a future date. This style of trading is usually used for risk management and speculation, and it originates from traditional finance. As such, crypto derivatives could appeal to the mainstream finance industry: financial giants such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have reportedly looked into the area, although regulations could postpone their solutions.

Huobi’s derivative market, however, is already accessible. The exchange currently allows users to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum, and it will add support for EOS later this week — and several other cryptocurrencies are on the way. The company also prides itself on its low fees, speed, and flexibility. Although these factors could be contributing to Huobi DM’s growth, it is impossible to say exactly what caused the high trading volume that occurred on Christmas.

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Success In Spite of Bad Press

Surprisingly, Huobi DM has achieved a high trading volume despite the fact that Huobi has experienced bad press over the past few months. Recently, Huobi laid off several of its workers. Although many have attributed this decision to the poor crypto market, Huobi says that it plans to hire more staff and expand into different markets. Huobi has also been accused of colluding with EOS block producers, but this is still unproven, and the issue will not be resolved for some time.

In any case, these negative stories seem to have not damaged Huobi’s success  — overall, the year has been good for the company. In 2018, Huobi expanded internationally, made gains in the mining pool market, and launched a social media platform. Huobi’s main trading platform will likely remain one of the top crypto exchanges, and it seems that the exchange’s derivative market will become popular as well.

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