Healthcare on the Blockchain: Ontology Partners With ALLIVE


ALLIVE, a healthcare service, has announced a partnership with Ontology, a blockchain focused on providing digital identities. ALLIVE needs just that technology, as it plans to intertwine patients, service providers, R&D initiatives, financial services, and support groups:

“Tying together all of the many different data sources…is… a huge undertaking … Ontology allows users to manage their own data from a variety of sources including public institutions, banks, businesses, family, colleagues, and friends.”

What ALLIVE Will Offer

ALLIVE originally announced the partnership at the Ontology Mainnet Seoul Launch. The conference took place just days ago, and ALLIVE unveiled the components of the platform:

  • Olife: the ID system that will be used to build patient profiles. The blockchain will provide privacy through encryption while also interlinking data that would otherwise inadvertently be lost in inaccessible “data silos.”
  • Olivia: an AI that will serve as a virtual healthcare provider and will provide diagnoses at a lower cost and more efficiently than traditional providers.
  • Oleaf: the integrated system that will be accessible to various groups including patients, doctors, insurance providers, and equipment manufacturers.

The platform will be ready for testing soon: a beta will arrive in late 2018, while the testnet will launch in early 2019. ALLIVE’s mainnet will likely be released in Q2 of 2019.

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Ontology Promotes the Project

Ontology’s Medium blog also announced the partnershipone of several partnerships since the platform’s mainnet launch. On the blog, Ontology emphasized the potential for the service to distribute healthcare universally:

“High quality medical resources are also often overconcentrated, which means in many countries popular hospitals are flooded with patients while others receive few …ALLIVE is able to provide users with convenient distributed medical services without any complex systems and technologies.”

This isn’t the first healthcare effort on the blockchain. Medchain aims to provide another patient ID system similar to Olife, and Etheal has the slightly different goal of helping patients find doctors internationally.

With those and other initiatives, it’s hard to say whether ALLIVE will succeed. Ontology’s recent comments to the community suggest that it is no stranger to competition, and Ontology leaders have made clear that they see their platform as one solution, not the only solution. In any case, Ontology is certainly well suited to the task of implementing the ALLIVE platform.

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