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Game Developer Ubisoft Gives Blockchain-Based Gaming its First Major Endorsement


Blockchain-based gaming is a step closer this week on news that gaming giant Ubisoft has joined Fig, EverdreamSoft, ConsenSys, and others to form the Blockchain Game Alliance. The group’s goal is to spread the integration of blockchain technology in gaming.

The Blockchain Game Alliance is creating an open forum for all stakeholders to “share knowledge and collaborate on research” in order to find new ways to create and play games. As a “breakthrough technology”, the group believes blockchain brings benefits to the whole ecosystem including developers and players. The alliance’s website says:

“Our ultimate goal is to help spread the integration of Blockchain by developing common standards and best practices.”

The new blockchain consortium was announced officially at the Blockchain Game Summit in France, which was attended by other new members including leading blockchain company ConsenSys.

EverdreamSoft is known for having created the first blockchain-based game, Spells of Genesis. Fig advisory board member Brian Fargo has been working to build Robot Cache, a platform which aims to “democratise” game development.

The CEO of Ultra, another member of the alliance, explained that the “Blockchain Game Alliance is advocating for a universal standard in the blockchain gaming space” in order to further innovation and economic viability.

Everything Around Blockchain Is Worth Investigating

Ubisoft is already investigating blockchain technology through its strategic innovation lab. At Blockchain Gamer Connects in San Francisco, Ubisoft revealed a prototype for a blockchain supported game titled “HashCraft”. The game uses blockchain technology to store uniquely generated and customizable islands similar to those used in Minecraft.

Ubisoft’s blockchain initiative Associate Manager Anne Puck told VentureBeat that “everything around blockchain is worth investigating.”

Should Ubisoft launch a blockchain-based game, considering their multi-million player base, it would quickly increase the volume of everyday blockchain utilization.

Elsewhere this week ClanPlay, an Israeli-based startup, has raised $2 million to develop a platform on the Aion blockchain that rewards gamers in tokens for playing games like Fortnite and Clash Royale.

Earlier this year, Terra Virtua and Wax partnered with plans to put virtual reality (VR) game items onto the blockchain for in-game trading.

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