Brave Browser Named a Worthy Replacement for Google Chrome by Popular Science

Brave browser

The issue with most current blockchain projects is the lack of a user base due to the early state of the market. Or, at least, that’s how naysayers view the world of crypto. However, the Brave browser has been proving that notion wrong over and over again.

A Valid Use Case

Now, the BAT-powered platform is leading the usability charge yet again, as it has been named a worthy replacement to Google Chrome according to Popular Science:

“The Brave browser emphasizes security and privacy. To start with, it comes with a built-in ad-blocker (just remember to whitelist the sites you want to support) so pop-ups can’t weigh down your browsing and websites can’t track you as well. For even more control, Brave features advanced security settings.”

Placed next to browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera, Brave is making a name for itself against these long-standing companies.

Brave is built off of Chromium — the underlying technology of Google Chrome. However, the rising browser works via the ERC-20 compatible Brave Attention Token (BAT). These coins are put in the hands of users, who can choose which publications or content creators to reward them with. In return, creators will (in theory) no longer have to use ads, as funds will instead come from their loyal fans.

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Leading The Way To Mainstream

The Brave network has a bright future ahead of it. Recently, the web browser reached over 10 million downloads on the Google Play store. Also, the founder and CEO, Brendan Eich, revealed that users might make up to $70 a year come 2019, furthering the use case for such a technology.

Of course, we still have a while before decentralized applications reach the level of centralized software, but these early successes are precisely what the industry needs to ensure such a future.

BAT is currently ranked 44 by market cap.

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