BTC: $3,943.64 +0.48%
ETH: $143.57 -2.58%
XRP: $0.32395 -0.11%
MARKETCAP: $132,919,206,685
24H VOL: $30,272,772,277
BTC: 52%
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin $3,943.64 $69,203,131,821 $8,872,648,813 +0.48% +8.02% Bitcoin
2 Ethereum Ethereum $143.57 $15,065,158,782 $4,662,639,978 -2.58% +16.44% Ethereum
3 XRP XRP $0.32395 $13,381,885,820 $1,084,650,049 -0.11% +5.75% XRP
4 EOS EOS $3.57 $3,234,535,700 $1,656,595,919 -1.33% +21.22% EOS
5 Litecoin Litecoin $47.83 $2,896,192,505 $1,292,964,546 +0.33% +9.38% Litecoin
6 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash $142.27 $2,508,408,608 $501,810,658 -3.41% +14.87% Bitcoin Cash
7 Tether Tether $1.01 $2,042,606,383 $8,308,660,487 +0.11% +0.73% Tether
8 Stellar Stellar $0.08787 $1,684,917,585 $184,825,416 +4.22% +13.28% Stellar
9 TRON TRON $0.02482 $1,655,089,633 $161,361,141 -1.52% +0.51% TRON
10 Binance Coin Binance Coin $10.78 $1,522,497,812 $135,340,395 +11.64% +17.56% Binance Coin

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