1 Bitcoin Bitcoin $6,724.56 $116,209,000,000 $6,433,130,000 +2.22% +3.2% Bitcoin
2 Ethereum Ethereum $242.287 $24,740,200,000 $2,885,820,000 +8.11% +12.82% Ethereum
3 XRP XRP $0.580581 $23,112,400,000 $4,802,170,000 +25.26% +108.02% XRP
4 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash $484.977 $8,420,010,000 $625,295,000 +3.89% +7.6% Bitcoin Cash
5 EOS EOS $5.93008 $5,374,100,000 $1,088,350,000 +3.55% +11.36% EOS
6 Stellar Stellar $0.241356 $4,533,970,000 $180,815,000 +0.34% +19.2% Stellar
7 Litecoin Litecoin $59.8699 $3,496,350,000 $405,076,000 +4.54% +4.54% Litecoin
8 Tether Tether $0.996413 $2,796,350,000 $5,461,450,000 -0.26% -0.37% Tether
9 Cardano Cardano $0.0834212 $2,162,870,000 $196,052,000 -0.49% +21.54% Cardano
10 Monero Monero $123.407 $2,027,220,000 $42,918,000 +4.24% +3.09% Monero

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