BTC: $6,452.59 -0.44%
ETH: $203.58 +0.02%
XRP: $0.45180 -1.45%
MARKETCAP: $207,913,848,082
24H VOL: $10,374,315,273
BTC: 54%
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin $6,452.59 $111,830,895,272.69276 $3,542,125,426 -0.443529% +2.69002% Bitcoin
2 Ethereum Ethereum $203.58 $20,902,505,872.1994 $1,254,197,674 +0.0217598% +2.83478% Ethereum
3 XRP XRP $0.45180 $18,070,945,988.051197 $301,520,999 -1.44639% +7.15844% XRP
4 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash $440.68 $7,672,931,789.1144495 $300,158,432 +0.635481% -1.03901% Bitcoin Cash
5 EOS EOS $5.34 $4,836,093,865.524102 $379,230,369 -0.433825% +2.07028% EOS
6 Stellar Stellar $0.24229 $4,577,694,303.381287 $46,069,805 +1.22997% +11.9735% Stellar
7 Litecoin Litecoin $52.99 $3,115,723,117.50104 $274,106,561 +0.848319% -1.15849% Litecoin
8 Tether Tether $0.98883 $2,053,223,283.8802948 $2,345,276,183 +0.885333% -0.426876% Tether
9 Cardano Cardano $0.07572 $1,963,263,351.1187692 $18,142,246 +0.840772% +2.07164% Cardano
10 Monero Monero $104.17 $1,718,456,060.5411313 $18,934,441 +0.92142% +2.49481% Monero

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