BTC: $3,694.18 -3.54%
XRP: $0.35346 -5.01%
ETH: $118.96 -8.43%
MARKETCAP: $122,659,566,210
24H VOL: $15,577,638,764
BTC: 53%
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin $3,694.18 $64,453,411,325 $5,020,853,402 -3.54% -9.75% Bitcoin
2 XRP XRP $0.35346 $14,419,006,003 $536,229,958 -5.01% -5.44% XRP
3 Ethereum Ethereum $118.96 $12,377,087,404 $2,508,665,386 -8.43% +4.75% Ethereum
4 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash $153.56 $2,692,539,155 $324,558,819 -10.95% -18.00% Bitcoin Cash
5 Stellar Stellar $0.11348 $2,174,280,793 $93,408,916 -5.60% -9.04% Stellar
6 EOS EOS $2.38 $2,154,220,171 $756,121,298 -7.11% -11.46% EOS
7 Tether Tether $1.03 $1,907,567,174 $3,838,044,049 +0.77% +0.62% Tether
8 Litecoin Litecoin $28.52 $1,704,242,896 $438,806,494 -6.27% -11.66% Litecoin
9 Bitcoin SV Bitcoin SV $86.62 $1,518,675,057 $91,740,495 -7.56% -21.42% Bitcoin SV
10 TRON TRON $0.01909 $1,272,021,457 $98,390,877 -4.95% +11.04% TRON

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