BTC: $3,943.87 -1.78%
ETH: $133.99 -2.01%
XRP: $0.30159 -2.40%
MARKETCAP: $137,071,810,526
24H VOL: $32,853,418,688
BTC: 51%
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin $3,943.87 $69,451,224,452 $10,113,893,688 -1.78% -2.25% Bitcoin
2 Ethereum Ethereum $133.99 $14,120,976,851 $4,380,170,749 -2.01% -4.03% Ethereum
3 XRP XRP $0.30159 $12,578,341,448 $733,887,279 -2.40% -4.80% XRP
4 Litecoin Litecoin $59.14 $3,610,205,354 $2,029,485,173 -1.38% -1.89% Litecoin
5 EOS EOS $3.66 $3,317,641,974 $1,616,586,431 +0.24% -2.33% EOS
6 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash $160.50 $2,839,602,345 $444,398,279 -3.05% -0.80% Bitcoin Cash
7 Binance Coin Binance Coin $16.39 $2,314,255,027 $199,141,883 -4.43% +4.97% Binance Coin
8 Tether Tether $1.01 $2,032,041,523 $8,868,461,700 -0.09% -0.63% Tether
9 Stellar Stellar $0.10174 $1,956,047,865 $204,695,812 -4.01% -11.47% Stellar
10 TRON TRON $0.02257 $1,505,103,679 $254,358,764 -3.42% -1.68% TRON

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