1 Bitcoin Bitcoin $6,528.39 $112,393,000,000 $4,851,810,000 +1.4% +6.22% Bitcoin
2 Ethereum Ethereum $310.598 $31,492,500,000 $2,005,560,000 +4.18% -4.46% Ethereum
3 XRP XRP $0.346185 $13,630,100,000 $534,615,000 +15.89% +12.24% XRP
4 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash $588.404 $10,178,700,000 $483,735,000 +10.34% +5.28% Bitcoin Cash
5 EOS EOS $5.38578 $4,880,830,000 $1,025,300,000 +13.53% +3.7% EOS
6 Stellar Stellar $0.233855 $4,389,860,000 $93,950,600 +6.09% +9.22% Stellar
7 Litecoin Litecoin $60.1526 $3,482,300,000 $267,757,000 +6.36% +4.17% Litecoin
8 Cardano Cardano $0.105886 $2,745,310,000 $121,983,000 +7.28% -6.97% Cardano
9 Tether Tether $1.0023 $2,708,360,000 $3,882,810,000 +0.21% -0.06% Tether
10 Monero Monero $100.312 $1,637,770,000 $27,343,900 +6.65% +9.9% Monero

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U.S. Congressman Owns Up To $80,000 In Cryptocurrency

Head of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) has declared that he owns up to $80,000 in cryptocurrency. Goodlatte’s portfolio, according to his...
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Global Bitcoin ATM Count Reaches 3,500 Milestone

These days Bitcoin ATMs can be seen in many cities across the world. They aren’t as widely used as the mainstream cash machines, but cryptocurrency...
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West Virginia Set to Debut Blockchain Voting in Upcoming U.S. Midterms

West Virginia is set to debut a blockchain-based voting platform for the upcoming November midterm elections in the United States. The move will allow troops...
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‘White Rabbit’ Set To Stop Crypto Ransomware In Its Tracks

An upcoming security tool called White Rabbit will utilize machine learning in tandem with a dataset of Bitcoin addresses in order to prevent cybercrime. The...

Ledger Bug Accidentally Sends 64 Ethereum Transactions To the Wrong Address

Ledger, the company behind a popular range of hardware wallets, reported a bug in its software last Thursday concerning Ethereum funds. The bug was initially...
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