How to Buy 0x (ZRX) Cryptocurrency | A Step-by-Step Guide

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The 0x (ZRX) token is used for fee collection when traders swap any Ethereum-based (ERC-20) cryptocurrency through an off-chain relay while using the popular 0x protocol. 0x (ZRX) has been available for purchase since August 2017. The 0x protocol has since gained massive popularity and has already been used to clear traffic congestion from the Ethereum network.

The simplest and most convenient way for most people to acquire 0x (ZRX) is by trading Bitcoin or Ethereum for 0x using Binance or Bitfinex.

This might seem imposing and complex for many users, which is why we’ve made this step-by-step guide explaining the whole process for both the Binance exchange and the Bitfinex trading platform.

The Exchanges We’ll Be Using

Exchange Accepts U.S. Residents Deposit / Buy Methods Trading Fees Withdrawal Limits
Binance logo

Visit Binance

Yes Cryptocurrency 0.1% 2 BTC / 24 hours for unverified accounts

100 BTC / 24 hours verified accounts

Visit Bitfinex

No Cryptocurrency /

Bank Wire

0.2% or less Unlimited Cryptocurrency Withdrawals

Fiat users must verify accounts which takes 6-8 weeks.

How to Buy 0x (ZRX) on Binance

Binance has the highest daily trade volume for 0x (ZRX) tokens and offers both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) trading pairs. Binance is a fantastic platform for new investors as it is reputable, popular, secure, and charges low transaction fees (0.1%). Shown below is a simple guide to follow for your 0x purchase on Binance.

You can learn more about the exchange in our Binance Review.

1) Create Your Binance Account

The first step is to sign up for a Binance account. Registration is simple, only requiring an email address and to create a password.

Binance Sign up Register

Once you've submitted the registration form, you'll need to verify your email address. This is simply done by clicking the link Binance has emailed you.

Binance Email Sent Sign Up Confirmation

2) Secure Your Binance Account

Upon logging into your account for the first time, you'll likely be prompted to enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). While this is not required, it's highly recommended.

Binance 2FA Prompt

2FA helps to secure your account by requiring an additional passcode when login attempts are made.??Binance offers 2FA through the Google Authenticator App and SMS text messaging. We recommend using Google Authenticator, as SMS 2FA has known security vulnerabilities.

Once you select Google Authenticator, Binance will show you step-by-step how to set it up.

Binance Google Authenticator Set Up

You can also set up 2FA at any time from your "Account" page.

Binance Account Page

From your "Account" page, you'll also be able to submit verification documents, should you need higher withdrawal limits than the default 2 BTC equivalent per 24 hours.

3) Deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum to Binance

Locate the "Deposits" page, under "Funds" in the main menu. Here you can search for the cryptocurrency you want to deposit. We recommend Ethereum over Bitcoin, as it's faster and has lower network fees (fees from their respective networks, not Binance).

In this example, we'll be depositing 1 ETH.

Binance Deposit Ethereum Step 1

Once you've selected the cryptocurrency you want to deposit (in our case Ethereum), Binance will give you an address where you can send your deposit.

Binance Deposit Ethereum Step 2

After you've sent funds to the given address from your cryptocurrency wallet, your deposit will soon show up as pending while it completes the required number of block confirmations. For our ETH deposit, it took about 5 minutes for our deposit to be completed. Other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, that have longer block confirmation times, will take longer to deposit.

Binance Pending ETH Deposit New

4) Buy 0X (ZRX) on Binance With Bitcoin or Ethereum

Locate the Exchange button at the top of the page. Hover your cursor above it and a new menu appears with a ‘Basic’ and an ‘Advanced’ option. Select the ‘Basic’ choice to proceed with this guide, as it is sufficient for most users’ needs.

Located on the top-right area of the Basic Exchange screen are the four available Binance pairings for trades: BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), BNB (Binance Coin), and USDT (U.S. Dollar Tether). Depending on which currency you have deposited into your wallet, select either BTC or ETH. Once you choose, type ZRX in the search bar directly below, and click on the trading pair that appears (ZRX/BTC or ZRX/ETH).

Binance Buy 0x ZRX

That selection now reveals a candlestick chart to show price movement of 0x (ZRX) against your selected trading currency. Underneath the market chart are order forms titled ‘Buy ZRX’ and ‘Sell ZRX’. The ‘Buy ZRX’ form contains both Market order and Limit order options (as well as Stop-Limit, which can be used for more advanced transactions).

Market orders are instantaneous. The price is set automatically for you by the exchange based on the current market value of 0x. All you need to do to complete a Market order is input the number of 0x (ZRX) tokens you wish to purchase on the ‘Amount’ line and press ‘Buy ZRX’.

Limit orders give you more freedom to set your desired purchasing price, but this freedom comes at the cost of potentially longer order-fill times. To execute a limit order, input both a price and an amount, then select ‘Buy ZRX’. If there are enough sellers willing to accept your price offer, the order will be filled. If there are not enough ZRX tokens available at your price, the order will remain open and unfilled. Unfilled orders can be cancelled at any time.

You will notice four selectable percentages, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, on both Market and Limit orders. These are calculators provided by Binance that automatically input necessary prices or amounts of ZRX to spend one-quarter, one-half, three-quarters, or all of your BTC or ETH balance on ZRX.

Your newly purchased ZRX can be found in your wallet’s balance after your order has been filled. From there you can transfer your 0x into a secure 0x wallet.

Binance 0x ZRK Balance

Buy 0x (ZRX) on Binance

How to Buy 0x (ZRX) on Bitfinex

Bitfinex is another reputable platform on which you can purchase 0x (ZRX) tokens. The fees are on the lower end of the spectrum of exchanges at 0.2%, but not as low as Binance. Despite the slightly higher transaction fees, Bitfinex does offer something quite attractive to investors: a direct pairing of fiat U.S. Dollars to 0x (ZRX) tokens. There are also pairings for Bitcoin and Ethereum if you are more comfortable trading those or do not have access to U.S. Dollars.

There are some very important notes for new Bitfinex account creators. Bitfinex has recently rebranded itself as a professional trading platform. As such, every new account must hold a minimum of $10,000 in equity (held in USD or equivalent values of cryptocurrency) before the account holder is allowed to trade on the exchange. Account verification currently takes six to eight weeks to complete, and fees will be implemented in the future for maintenance of inactive accounts.

Considering all of that information, here are step-by-step instructions you can follow to acquire 0x (ZRX) on Bitfinex.

You can learn more above the platform in our Bitfinex Review.

1) Sign Up to Bitfinex

When you click the "Sign Up" button for Bitfinex, you'll first be asked to acknowledge a variety of their terms, as shown in the image below.

Bitfinex makes it abundantly clear that their platform is geared towards serious traders. Users hoping to use their platform must maintain a minimum account equity of $10,000 to use their platform. If you're hoping to make fiat currency deposits on the platform via bank wire, you'll need to verify your account. This process can take 6-8 weeks.

Bitfinex Sign Up Agreement

Once you have agreed to those terms, you'll see the following signup form. A username, email address, and password are required.

Bitfinex Sign Up

2) Secure Your Account With 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

It's highly recommended that you secure your account with 2FA. Bitfinex offers 2FA through Google Authenticator, FIDO U2F, and Twilio (SMS). Of the available options, we'd recommend GA or Fido.

Bitfinex 2FA

3) Deposit onto Bitfinex

Click the deposit button in the menu of your account. Here you'll see all cryptocurrency and fiat deposit options. Keep in mind you'll need to verify your account to use Euro or US Dollar bank wires.

Bitfinex Deposit Options

If you're making a cryptocurrency deposit, you'll be given an address where to send your chosen cryptocurrency.

Bitfinex Deposit Ethereum Page New

4) Buy 0x (ZRX) with Bitcoin or Ethereum

To get started with your purchase of 0x (ZRX) on the Bitfinex trading platform, look at the information bar at the top of the screen. To the right of the Bitfinex logo is a Trading menu. Hover your mouse above Trading, move the cursor down until you see 0x, then move your mouse cursor to the right and select whichever trading pair you desire (ZRX/USD, ZRX/BTC, or ZRX/ETH).

Bitfinex Find 0x ZRX Trading Pair New

This opens a new window with three relevant zones: the chart, the order book, and the order form. You will first see a candlestick-style chart in the middle of the screen, which displays the current valuation of ZRX on the far right side of the chart (1). Beneath the chart is an order book where you can see the purchases and sales of ZRX(2). To the left of the chart is your order form; focus on this area (3).

Bitfinex Buy 0x ZRX Cryptocurrency

Underneath the order form label is a menu where you can either select market or limit order. If you choose market order, the price of ZRX will automatically be entered by the Bitfinex trading platform. All you need to do is enter the amount you wish to purchase, then select ‘Exchange Buy’.

If you choose limit order in the order form, you will need to enter the price you’re willing to pay for your ZRX manually. Refer to recent purchases or sales in the the order book at the bottom of the page to get a feel for reasonable prices. After you’ve set your price, input the amount of ZRX you wish to trade for and select ‘Exchange Buy’. Your order will remain open until it is filled. If you want to cancel your limit order, you can do so in the ‘ORDERS’ section under the chart.

After you complete your trade, you will be able to see your 0x (ZRX) on your balances tab. You can withdraw your 0x tokens to a secure wallet by using the wallet tab on the top right of the screen.

Buy 0x (ZRX) on Bitfinex


Through careful use of this guide you will be able to easily trade for 0x (ZRX) on the Binance exchange or the Bitfinex trading platform. Using Binance adds an extra step because you must first convert your fiat to Bitcoin or Ethereum before you can acquire 0x. Using Bitfinex give you the option of purchasing 0x directly from fiat, but you pay higher fees than on Binance, must wait 6-8 weeks to verify your account, and must maintain a minimum of $10,000 in equity on your account.

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