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Editorial Policy


Our mission at Unhashed is to provide well-researched, factual information to help educate the public on cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies. We believe many of these technologies are revolutionary and we aim to help increase their widespread adoption.

We also consistently strive to be open about our policies and how our website operates. Below you can learn more about our Editorial Policy. Please don't hesitate to contact us about any additional questions you may have through this form.

Journalistic Principles

Whether reporting news, reviewing products, or educating users through our technical guides, we always strive to provide the most fair, accurate, and objective content possible.

Our authors begin by thoroughly researching all topics that they cover. Multiple members of our team then edit and review content for accuracy before publishing it. When possible, we also attempt to have third-parties of the cryptocurrency/blockchain community review our content for accuracy.

Our Founders and Editor In Chief have full authority as to what is published on our website. We take great pride in the content we publish and our core team takes a very hands-on approach to ensuring its accuracy.

Authors and team members have no restrictions on investing in cryptocurrencies, ICOs, or any other investments. Due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies, it's impossible for us to know exactly what cryptocurrencies our authors or even other team members are invested in. This applies not only to us, but to any other website in the space. For this reason, we believe the typical financial disclosures seen on other websites in the industry are essentially useless for their users. Due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies, we ask that you always assume our authors have a vested interest in any cryptocurrency they cover.

We Do NOT Offer Financial Advice / Financial Disclaimer

No content on should be considered financial advice. We are not responsible for any financial gains or losses you incur. The content we provide is for educational and informational purposes only. Always consult a registered financial professional before making any investments in cryptocurrency or any other investment vehicles.

Ownership and How We Make Money is a privately owned, for-profit company. We make money through advertisements, press releases/sponsored posts, and affiliate revenue.

Advertisements - All banner advertisements will clearly be labeled as such. These ads will be labeled one of the following ways:

  1. Labeled "Ad", "Ads", or "Sponsored" by Unhashed directly.
  2. Be appropriately labeled by an ad service provider we use such as AdChoices.

Affiliate Partnerships - participates in a number of affiliate partnership programs for exchanges, hardware wallets, and other services. When you sign up, purchase, or use one of these services after clicking a link from, we may receive financial compensation.

Despite this, we strive to provide accurate reviews of these products and only promote products we truly believe in. On our website, there's a number of examples of honest reviews detailing strong negatives of products, despite some of those products offering above average compensation to members of their affiliate program.

When you click an outgoing link from, affiliate links can typically be spotted by viewing the URL in your browser. They often include a reference code at the end of the URL.

In the example above, the reference code "?ref=25908520" tells Binance that we sent you their way. We then may be compensated for this referral.

To avoid signing up to services through our referral links, you can clear your browser's cache and cookies. Here are examples of how to do this in Google Chrome and Firefox.

At times banner advertisements may include affiliate links. These advertisements will be labeled as described in the "Advertisements" section above.

Sponsored Posts - Any content which is published on in exchange for financial compensation will be clearly labeled as a "Press Release" or "Sponsored Post". We will never hide the fact that we were paid to publish any content.

Disclaimer - is not responsible for any issues or financial losses you have when using any of the third-party products accessed through links from our website. Always thoroughly review the product's legal policies and use your best judgement whether to use a product or service.

You can learn more About Unhashed here or contact us for more information.

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