Tron Meetup: Games, Entertainment, and the Future of dApps

Tron TRX

The Tron community recently held a meetup that was attended by several blockchain personalities and dApp developers. During the event, participants discussed Tron’s potential for developers and the roles that dApps can play in the future.

Participants were also brought up to date in regard to the current state of Tron’s development ecosystem. Li Xiaodong listed various tools and features that Tron can offer. In addition to mentioning Tron’s VM, BOX, STUDIO, INFURA, and WEB services, he also went into detail about particular mechanisms:

“TRON will support developers with mechanisms such as continuous strategic patience, equity investment, ecosystem incubation, product diversion, 1–1 special cooperation, currency investment, and competition incentives, etc.”

Apart from these technical and economic features, much of the meeting focused on the role of dApps in relation to entertainment, as well as the blockchain’s potential for mass appeal.

Games and Entertainment

Minako Kojima focused on the wide appeal of games and argued that games can be used to compensate and promote the blockchain. She suggested that tokens can serve in-game purposes while also carrying a “hidden value” that is “ignored by users” and taken back in by the blockchain.

Meanwhile, Wu Xiao discussed his game, Cell Evolution. He stressed that game developers should know that “lighter and faster public chain platforms, such as TRON” exist in addition to Ethereum, which can be inefficient. He also condemned gambling games, which are currently dominating the dApp market, and stressed that blockchain games should have “a soul and creative features.”

Chen Hao then spoke about the market for entertainment in general, outlining how interest and compensation is distributed in the Internet era. As the article notes, “injustice is actually present in the interest distribution mechanism,” but the blockchain can effectively distribute compensation to authors and investors alike.

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BitTorrent Acquisition

Tron is perhaps best known for its recent acquisition of BitTorrent, which has resulted in the creation of Project Atlas. The event emphasized this achievement and indicated that BitTorrent’s integration will be a major driving force in Tron’s future development.

The article notes that BitTorrent, metaphorically speaking, is “Jerusalem… the birthplace for decentralized technologies,” and explains that BitTorrent’s integration with Tron will promote development and attract traffic to the network.

Even now, Tron is doing exceedingly well. It currently rests at position #13 by market cap, and it recently carried out one-third of Ethereum’s daily transactions. Along with Ethereum, EOS, and NEO, it will likely remain one of the leading dApp platforms for quite some time.

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