Scatter Teases RIDL, A Safety Tool With User Rewards

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Scatter, a popular EOS and Ethereum wallet, has hinted that its new safety feature is one step closer to being released. The feature, called RIDL, will soon be integrated with Scatter in order to keep users safe. On Saturday, Scatter published a preview of RIDL on its Medium blog, complete with new screenshots of the tool:

What Is RIDL?

RIDL is short for “Reputation and Identity Layer,” and it allows users to evaluate which sites are safe to interact with. Many crypto wallets and browser extensions, such as Metamask, already do this to some extent. The main difference is that RIDL users will be rewarded for their help. Scatter’s Rami James writes:

“If you’re the first person to repute an entity, you become a miner for that entity and will earn RIDL tokens for your effort. The early birds will reap all the rewards, so get ready to start earning while we make the web a safer place together.”

RIDL also has roots in older safe-browsing extensions such as McAffee WebAdvisor and WebOfTrust. These tools have become somewhat outmoded since many browsers now block the most dangerous websites by default. However, mainstream browsers are not always quick to detect blockchain fraud—Metamask was the first to blacklist a recent Monero scam, for example.

It seems that RIDL will have a very broad scope, at least once its reputation database has been built up. Rather than only evaluating websites, it will evaluate “entities” in general, including individuals, smart contracts, and applications. In this way, Scatter and RIDL will be able to provide features that are tailored to both standard users and crypto owners.

A Long Wait

Blockchain projects rarely move quickly, and RIDL is no exception. The platform’s airdrop took place last December, and users have been waiting for RIDL to be released since then. One developer indicated months ago that RIDL is already built into Scatter, but legal roadblocks have been preventing its activation:

“The amount of unnecessary red-tape around blockchain companies is astonishing and time-consuming…It pains us to have this have been pushed off for so long due solely to legal tie-up, but we have to make sure everything is in order to ensure the system’s long-term success.”

It will also be possible to use RIDL without using Scatter, should you prefer a different EOS wallet. A separate RIDL extension for Google Chrome and a searchable website are also in development. As for a release date, Scatter has not announced that information yet—but this week’s blog post suggests that RIDL is closer than ever before.

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