Relaunches With Brand New Look created a new look for itself by launching a redesigned website on Wednesday. Until a few days ago, the site was all business, with a corporate skyline heading the page. Now the site has a friendlier look, with polaroids of crypto personalities opposite a few green leaves. The company had this to say about the overhaul:

“The design has taken a much cleaner, flatlay and minimalist approach, as we see being more of a canvas for content, therefore structure was very important when considering future growth and listings to the site.”

That means the site will separate content by category and by audience, and will target individuals, businesses, and developers separately. For example, individuals will be presented with wallets and ways to purchase Litecoin, while businesses will be presented with point-of-sale tools and payment processing services.

The site has, so far, added news and sponsored content. It will soon add an exchange (thanks to a partnership with Simplex), a developer page, and foreign language translations.

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No Changes To Litecoin

It is specifically that is changing, and the overhaul does not deliberately coincide with any changes that the coin itself may be undergoing. Although there is substantial overlap between Litecoin’s developers,, and the Litecoin Foundation, the three are not the same, as the announcement notes:

“The site now supports curated sponsored content, this will provide a source of income and allow us to grow the site to further support and fund development of both Litecoin, the Litecoin Foundation being a seperate non-profit entity based in Singapore.” is naturally one of the first places that people will go to find out about Litecoin. Although Litecoin’s changes will surely be beneficial to the coin’s image, the decisions of the site’s maintainers should not be confused with those of the coin’s developers and community.

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