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Kingsland University Will Offer a Tezos-Focused Curriculum


Kingsland University has announced that it has partnered with Tezos in order to provide new blockchain education opportunities. Kingsland already provides a number of blockchain programs, and now it will offer courses specifically focusing on Tezos.

Tezos Partners with Kingsland University

Tezos is a relatively new blockchain. After recovering from damaged credibility, it launched its mainnet in September, introducing a number of features that innovate on standard blockchain consensus and governance. For example, the platform introduces liquid proof of stake and eliminates the need for hard forks.

Recently, Tezos announced a grant that will help fund training for 1000 developers who are interested in working on the platform. Now, Kingsland will help train those developers. The university will work with experienced Tezos mainnet developers in order to create a curriculum that teaches students to develop on the platform.

In addition to creating these courses, Kingsland will also recruit students into the specialized Tezos curriculum and will help place those students into jobs. Furthermore, Kingsland and Tezos will run a number of related events and programs that will foster Tezos’ development, such as hackathons and project incubations.

Blockchain Education

Kingsland originated about ten years ago as an accredited online university for software and tech education, and it recently added blockchain development to its course offerings. This makes Kingsland University just one of many learning organizations that have entered the world of blockchain.

Major institutions such as the London School of Economics, MIT, and Princeton have also offered their own blockchain- and crypto-related courses in recent years. Additionally, independent groups are attempting to enter the blockchain education market: widely-available learning tools range from free community resources to commercial online courses.

In the absence of universal blockchain credentials, each blockchain curriculum can be quite different, and each provider must set its own goals. Kingsland in particular is attempting to provide education in areas where there are developer shortages — a pragmatic attempt to create viable career paths for students.

Kingsland will integrate the new Tezos courses into the rest of its blockchain curriculum fairly soon. The new Tezos courses are expected to begin some time in 2019, and Kingsland will continue to issue updates during the months leading up to the program’s start date.

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