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Havven Goes Cross-Chain and Adopts EOSIO—Not Just Ethereum

What is Havven

Havven, a payment platform and stablecoin, has announced that it will launch its service on the EOSIO blockchain. Although Havven is currently running on Ethereum, it will airdrop its HAV tokens on EOSIO as well, splitting the tokens 50/50 between users on the two competing blockchains.

EOS is one of Ethereum’s biggest rivals. In fact, EOS originally ran on Ethereum before it launched its mainnet under the name EOSIO. Although both blockchains are intended for smart contract and dApp development, EOSIO is aiming to improve on some aspects of Ethereum. EOSIO introduces simplified development tools, faster transaction times, better scalability, and an election-based DPoS consensus model.

But unlike most projects that are migrating away from Ethereum, Havven isn’t choosing an alternative platform simply because of the features it advertises. Instead, Havven wants the project not to be tied to any single blockchain.

According to the announcement on Havven’s blog, “Havven will still be staying on Ethereum, but separate networks will exist on both platforms in parallel. This move comes as part of our belief in the need to stay blockchain agnostic to prevent ecosystem fragmentation.”

Havven acknowledges that Ethereum has been dominant over the last three years but also recognizes that individual blockchains can fail. Porting and migration is not enough: there is a need for tokens and services that are platform independent (or, in other words, cross-chain implementations). Havven compares the situation to software development: projects should support multiple blockchains, just as applications run on multiple operating systems.

“Even though there are many flavors of Linux, tools like Apache work on all of them… imagine if Apache only worked on SUSE, nGINX only worked on Ubuntu, and the effort of porting them across was half of the initial build effort. Now imagine only one combination is a viable solution. This exemplifies the problem we face as the smart contract platform wars commence.”

Havven has not yet announced what other blockchains it may port its token to. The project mentions that cross-chain development is challenging, and that there are multiple teams working on the task. But, more importantly, Havven has decided that the challenge is necessary: the project predicts competition between blockchains will last for “years, or even decades,” and that it is too early to say which blockchain will gain dominance.

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