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Effect.AI Plans To Move From NEO To EOS


Effect.AI, an artificial intelligence project that has been under development on NEO for some time, has announced that it will abandon NEO very soon. According to Effect.AI, the project and its token will be migrated to EOS by the end of April—demonstrating that blockchain projects and apps are not bound to their original platforms.

Why EOS?

According to Effect.AI, the project was originally attracted to NEO due to its free transactions, high throughput, and support for multiple programming languages. Unfortunately, NEO’s free transactions resulted in spam, while its throughput and language support have turned out to be much more limited than originally expected.

For those reasons, Effect.AI eventually decided to move to another platform. The project also considered Ethereum, Komodo, and Tezos before finally settling on EOS. The team says that they reached out to the EOS community, looked into the technical capabilities of the platform, visited the EOS London Hackathon, and were impressed in all respects.

A Loss For NEO?

Unlike some projects, Effect.AI isn’t closely tied to NEO. It also hasn’t been fully realized yet. Eventually, Effect.AI will become a decentralized AI platform, but right now, only one of its products is operational. That product is Effect Force—an Amazon mTurk-like marketplace where microworkers are processing data for future AI analysis.

Since the project is new and not central to NEO, it is not clear how much of a toll Effect Force’s departure will take on NEO’s dApp ecosystem. Some sources suggest that Effect Force is the most popular dApp on NEO, with over 2000 users. However, it is difficult to tell whether this is actually true, as no websites provide comprehensive statistics on NEO’s overall dApp usership.

Other Migrations

This is not the only time that a blockchain project has moved to a different platform. The crypto-collectible game Etheremon moved to Zilliqa last year due to congestion on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, EOSBet was originally developed on Ethereum rather than its namesake. Havven also has announced plans to move to EOS—although it will simultaneously remain on Ethereum.

As more blockchains emerge, dApp migration could become an increasingly common trend. TRON has been attempting to prove its worth in the dApp realm by catching up with EOS’s accomplishments. Meanwhile, Ontology has announced discounts and rebates for app developers. Whether NEO can measure up to the competition remains to be seen.

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