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cXchange Allows Businesses to Launch Their Own Cryptocurrency Exchanges


A European based company called Spotware has just announced the launch of a new platform designed to allow private businesses to open their very own cryptocurrency exchanges. cXchange is touted as a complete ‘out-of-the-box’ cryptocurrency exchange solution, complete with cutting-edge technology, robust and scalable architecture, a matching engine which can support any asset, high level security, and 24/7 technical support from Spotware. cXchange also comes pre-integrated with real-time trading volume analysis from Coinmarketcap.

“We used our expertise and proven technologies to create cXchange,” said Spotware CEO Alexander Shulman. “There are only a few solutions available in the market resembling cXchange, but our platform is a high-quality product unlike other ones, as it was developed by a professional financial software development company.”

cXchange features all of the top market-cap cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, as well as options for users to add a wide range of popular ICOs and tokens without any additional cost. Businesses will be able to integrate any type of payment method they choose for fiat deposits and withdrawals. cXchange also features a mobile application for trading on any screen or device.

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“Many exchanges — even the most popular ones — can at times be complex and not very user-friendly,” Shulman said. “Exchanges created with our solution solve this issue.” According to Shulman, not only is cXchange user friendly for both businesses and customers, it is also prepared to handle large transaction volumes capable of competing with any exchange on the market.

On the back end, cXchange features an administration platform for managing settings, reporting and surveillance. The exchange’s deposits and withdrawals are integrated onto a blockchain network. Traders are given a wide range of technical analysis tools, featuring more than 60 indicators and dozens of timeframes, plus numerous order types ranging from market to stop-limit.

“This should save a lot of time and efforts for those willing to start a crypto exchange business, and they get regular updates and ongoing support,” said Shulman.

About Spotware

Spotware was established in Limassol, Cyprus in 2010 and is now headquartered in London. The company was founded by FinTech expert and entrepreneur Andrey Pavlov, who oversees a team of over 120 experts in financial technology. Spotware’s flagship trading platform, cTrader, is branded as a ‘trader first’ solution which improves customer experience tenfold compared to other products on the market. The company won the award for ‘Best Mobile Trading Platform’ at the 2017 Chinese Forex Expo.

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