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2018 Blockchain Summit Moves to Morocco, Richard Branson Hosts

Blockchain Consensus

Bitfury, in partnership with ACTAI Global, announced that its 2018 Blockchain Summit will be taking place in July at Sir Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco. The Summit is traditionally held at Branson’s private Necker Island, however, in the aftermath of Category 5 storm, hurricane Irma, the retreat center along with thousands of private residences on the island have been completely destroyed.

The Blockchain Summit is currently in its fourth year. Many in the media have suggested the Summit mainly serves as a vacation opportunity for crypto’s rich and powerful where little real-world work gets done. However, a number of important partnerships have formed at the Summit over the years including the Blockchain alliance—a global partnership consisting of 36 government agencies—as well as the Global Blockchain Business Council, which is made up of members from 35 countries.

This year’s summit will feature 30 speakers including Google cofounder Sergey Brin. The conference will primarily focus on building block chain businesses in Africa. The conference’s founder, Bill Tai, conisiders Africa an untapped market.

“The whole continent is a bit of an unknown to a lot of folks because they just don’t get much exposure to it,” said Tai in an interview with Forbes. “I think getting a lot of people together who are knowledgeable, with reach and a high profile, that collectively can form a view about what are the opportunities at hand that can both serve philanthropic and commercial interests.

Tai, who is also the founder of ACTAI Global and an early investor in the Bitfury Group, will be announcing the launch of a number of projects at the event intended to help governments in Africa more efficiently utilize blockchain technology. One such projects is ‘Barking Dog’—an initiative designed to help national governments formalize land titles for their citizens through tokenization.

“If you have a squatter versus somebody with a title, the squatter just wants to take, take, take, and then run away if the law comes,” Tai tells Forbes. “If you own the land with a clear title you want to make it better, you want to improve it.”

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