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Archive for February 2019

Strange “Spell Check Bug” Found In Coinomi Wallet

An unusual bug has been discovered in Coinomi, a popular multicoin wallet. Of all the security issues that might have come up, a spell check tool seems to be to blame. The victim of the bug has now made his complaints known, while Coinomi has asserted that the victim handled the problem irresponsibly and blackmailed…

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Controversial Monero Miner Coinhive Is Shutting Down

Coinhive, a well-known Monero mining service, is about to shut down due to declining profits. Coinhive’s distinctive feature was the fact that it could be embedded in a web page, where it would quietly run in the background. This versatility made Coinhive both popular and notorious—raising the question of whether the project will be missed.…

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Ripple is Finally Being Added to Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro, a popular crypto exchange, has finally decided to add Ripple (XRP) as a trading option. Of course, exchanges add and drop cryptocurrencies on a regular basis, but it is noteworthy that Coinbase declined to support XRP, the third-largest cryptocurrency, until yesterday. Trading will begin almost immediately: When XRP?? Now! XRP/USD, XRP/EUR, and XRP/BTC…

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EOS Gets “Hard Disks” Thanks to vRAM and the DApp Network

EOS dApp developers now have a new way to offset their operational costs. LiquidApps has announced that the DApp Network, which offers a number of developer tools, has gone live as of February 26. The network’s killer feature is vRAM, which will provide hard disk-like data storage and cut down on EOS’s regular resource costs.…

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Vlad Zamfir Will Work On Ethereum Competitor With CasperLabs

Vlad Zamfir, an Ethereum Foundation member, is now working with CasperLabs in a major capacity. According to a press release, Zamfir will act as Lead Consensus Protocol Architect, and his Casper CBC protocol will be used to launch a new blockchain that will compete directly with Ethereum. What Is Casper? Casper is a proof-of-stake mechanism, a…

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Effect.AI Plans To Move From NEO To EOS

Effect.AI, an artificial intelligence project that has been under development on NEO for some time, has announced that it will abandon NEO very soon. According to Effect.AI, the project and its token will be migrated to EOS by the end of April—demonstrating that blockchain projects and apps are not bound to their original platforms. Why…

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Ontology Surpasses NEO By Market Cap: Will Competition Intensify?

Ontology has, at least temporarily, surpassed the market cap of its sister project NEO. The coin’s value increased by 54% over the week of Feb. 18, allowing it to gradually creep up on the value of NEO’s total coin supply. Ontology finally overtook NEO just below the $700 million mark based on data from CoinGecko: Market…

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$9 Million Stolen From EOS Account; Huobi Steps In To Help

EOS has become well-known for freezing compromised user accounts, a practice that prevents attackers from making off with funds. However, the procedure hit a snag on Friday when an EOS block producer didn’t keep up with the latest update, causing one account holder to lose $9 million. According to EOSGO, a new block producer called…

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Ethereum Bot Backfires; User Pays $600,000 In Transaction Fees

One hapless Ethereum user experienced astronomical transaction fees this week after their crypto bot went awry. The owner of a single address paid 3990 ETH (~$584,000) to send a handful of transactions—leading many to wonder exactly what happened. What Went Wrong? Amberdata, an analytics firm, noticed the problem after the incident drove the price of…

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