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Archive for January 2019

Gemini Exchange Completes Widely-Recognized Security Audit

Gemini, a leading crypto exchange, has announced that it has completed a widely-recognized security audit known as a SOC 2 Type 1 examination. The audit was conducted by Deloitte, one of the “big four” accounting firms, and the exchange has passed with flying colors. This will become a yearly event, according to Gemini, putting the…

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R3 Partners With SWIFT, Tangential Ripple Connection Emerges

R3, the enterprise blockchain giant, has announced an exciting partnership with the major bank transfer network SWIFT. The news was originally revealed at the Paris Fintech Forum and confirmed in a January 30 press release from SWIFT. R3 subsequently confirmed the news on Twitter: We are excited to announce our partnership with @swiftcommunity to integrate…

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Wikimedia Partners With BitPay, Adds Bitcoin Cash Donations

Wikimedia, the organization behind Wikipedia and an assortment of other products, is partnering with the major payment processor BitPay in order to accept crypto donations from around the world. Wikimedia has accepted Bitcoin for several years, but, as BitPay notes, the group has “recently switched payment processors” in order to accept Bitcoin Cash. Quoting from…

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Litecoin Plans Private Transactions, Says No to Mimblewimble

Litecoin is planning to set itself apart from its Bitcoin origins by moving toward the realm of privacy coins. Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, has announced that the Litecoin development team is working to add confidential transactions to the coin, adding in later comments that the feature is due sometime this year. On Twitter,…

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SEC Targets Kin; Kin Argues It Is Not a Security

Kin, a cryptocurrency that was introduced last year as an offshoot of the chat app Kik, has been quietly facing off against regulators over the past several months. Following a recent exposé from the Wall Street Journal, Kin CEO Ted Livingston has made the issue public on Medium. In his article, Livingston responds to the…

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BitTorrent Tokens Sell Out Fast, TRON to Compensate Budged Buyers

Binance Launchpad has completed the first-ever sale of the much-hyped BitTorrent token (BTT). Although BTT was revealed just weeks ago, it is part of a larger project that has been heavily anticipated since last summer, when TRON acquired BitTorrent and hinted at integration. Now, the hype has finally paid off: BTT sold out in approximately…

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The Week In Review: Bitcoin ETFs, Constantinople Date, and Mining Malware

This week, the crypto world operated under circumstances that have recently become normal: low market prices continued to cause strife among investors and miners, while the late stages of the U.S. government shutdown delayed Bitcoin ETFs indefinitely, postponing crypto’s long-awaited foray into traditional finance. On another note, Ethereum Constantinople, which previously experienced delays for other…

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LocalBitcoins Suffers $28,000 Phishing Attack

The popular peer-to-peer trading site LocalBitcoins has reportedly experienced a significant attack and theft. At 10:00 UTC on January 26, the site’s administrators detected an issue that allowed an attacker to gain access to various user accounts. LocalBitcoins quickly locked down outgoing transactions in order to investigate the issue, and some details have already come…

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Is Blockchain Marketing Accurate? Mougayar Generates Buzz

Venture advisor and strategist William Mougayar made waves this week when he sorted several blockchain companies and projects by the accuracy of their marketing efforts. Last Sunday, Mougayar posted a chart on Twitter that separated a handful of well-known blockchain products into three different categories: Marketing Reality in Blockchain. Following my post on Blockchain Marketing,…

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Polkadot Plans To Redo Its Ill-Fated ICO This Year

Polkadot, a platform with a focus on blockchain interoperability, has reportedly decided to carry out an ICO for the second time. According to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, knowledgeable sources have indicated that the project intends to raise $60 million as part of an upcoming token sale. Will this help Polkadot overcome…

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