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Archive for December 2018

Interview: Filmio CTO Discusses Blockchain-Based Filmmaking

While we tend to think of payment solutions when it comes to the blockchain, other industries can benefit just as well. One such space is the film and entertainment industry. Currently, filmmakers and distributors are disconnected. Filmmakers are looking to tell new stories and capture how they view the world. Distributors are bent on making…

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Embiggen, The Interest Token You Probably Missed, Is About To End Its Airdrop

OpenRelay, an order book service for decentralized exchanges, has announced that it is ending the airdrop for its little-known token, Embiggen (MBGN). The token derives its name from a popular Simpsons episode in which two new words were coined: “embiggen” and “cromulent.” In case you haven’t guessed, the token isn’t entirely serious. As OpenRelay explains:…

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Nearly $900K Paid Out In Crypto Bug Bounties On HackerOne In 2018

New statistics from HackerOne reveal that the platform handled $878,504 in crypto bug bounty rewards over the course of 2018. HackerOne is a major platform that allows white hat hackers to report security vulnerabilities and receive financial rewards in return. Leading news site The Next Web (TNW) originally obtained these figures, and many other interesting…

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Wallet.Fail: What Does It Mean For Hardware Wallet Security?

This week, a group of security researchers gave a presentation called Wallet.Fail at the #35C3 Security Conference. During the presentation, the team outlined vulnerabilities in three popular hardware wallets. Since hardware wallets are widely considered the most secure form of crypto storage, these discoveries could present a serious issue. However, wallet manufacturers are assuring users…

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EOS Sister Chain ‘Telos’ Launches; Lookalike Coin Benefits

Telos, a blockchain based on EOS’s EOSIO protocol, has experienced its first full week of activity. The platform was launched earlier this year in a limited capacity, but the Telos Launch Group decided to delay a full release indefinitely. On December 8th, the group finally decided to launch the platform. It took some time for…

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Phisher Uses Electrum Wallet To Push Fake Software Update

A major vulnerability has been exposed in Electrum, a leading Bitcoin wallet with several forks that are compatible with other cryptocurrencies. This is the second Electrum bug in a single year, and the crypto community is now debating the merits of the wallet. How can the phishing attack be avoided, and is the Electrum wallet…

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Huobi Derivatives Trading Surpasses $1B Over Christmas

Huobi, a major crypto exchange, has announced that it handled over $1 billion on its derivatives market (Huobi DM) on December 25th, an isolated accomplishment that highlights a broader trend in crypto investing. The company’s main trading platform remains one of the leading crypto exchanges, but Huobi DM in particular saw significant gains in trading…

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India Reportedly Legalizing Cryptocurrencies Under “Tough” Ruling

According to a report via the New India Express, the Indian government is looking into legalizing cryptocurrencies. However, this would be under fairly strict rulings, as the country’s investigative cryptocurrency committee doesn’t want to ban digital assets outright, but recognizes they must still be regulated. A Positive Approach A senior group member who wants to…

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Dash Community Tries To Attract NPR With Swag Overload

The Dash community is making an effort to gain the attention of NPR in hopes that the altcoin will be featured on one of the network’s most popular business shows, How I Built This with Guy Raz. The show has featured interviews with the individuals behind VICE, Airbnb, and Buzzfeed, meaning that Dash will stand…

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