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Archive for October 2018

CoinGeek Adds Tokenization to Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash will soon receive a tokenization feature that will allow users to run smart contracts and represent assets on the blockchain. The Tokenized Protocol, which was announced today, will allow BCH users to issue security tokens and utility tokens. These can represent assets such as financial holdings, tickets, and reward points: “With Tokenized, it…

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Singapore Retailers Hold “Token Day” to Promote Crypto

Bizkey, a point-of-sale platform, has announced that it is running a series of “Token Days” in Singapore. The platform has partnered with several retailers and merchants in the vicinity of Singapore’s Chinatown, and it will help those businesses accept cryptocurrency as payment over the next three weeks. The event will promote cryptocurrency to the general…

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Bringing The Venture Model To Crypto: An Interview With The Founder Of Wavemaker Genesis

The path to mainstream blockchain adoption may lie in the B2B (business-to-business) applications. A majority of businesses are looking into the technology for enterprise use, MetLife is using it for an automated insurance platform, and we may see Bitcoin ETF’s after all. However, like with traditional startups, blockchain projects need venture funding to follow through…

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Goldman Sachs Quietly Onboarding Clients for Bitcoin Derivatives Market

New York banking giant Goldman Sachs is quietly onboarding clients for its new Bitcoin derivatives product. Representatives from the firm report that despite excitement in the cryptocurrency community for the new rollout, Goldman is in no rush to push additional cryptos like Ether into market. Nevertheless, this potentially marks an important moment, as Goldman has…

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MakerDAO Introduces New Collateral Interface

MakerDAO has introduced a new CDP Portal, which serves as a simplified and streamlined interface that allows users to generate their own collateralized Dai stablecoins. The news was announced in a recent Medium post that details the portal’s many features. Collateralization on MakerDAO The CDP Portal allows individuals to lock up their Ethereum tokens in…

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Best Monero Wallets in 2019: Which is the Safest Monero Wallet?

Monero has solidified its place in the cryptocurrency industry due its top of the line privacy features. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero’s blockchain protocol gives users the ability to send, receive and store their holdings in a truly anonymous manner. However, with so many Monero wallets now available across multiple device types, choosing…

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TWO Waste Management Announces Successful IOTA Integration

Waste management startup TWO has announced the platform’s successful integration with the IOTA Tangle, an accomplishment that will bring decentralized waste collection to the blockchain. The announcement was made in a recent YouTube livestream and a follow-up Medium post. Today, Project Leader Hamoun Karami stated: “Here we are…Monday, October 29th. I would like to say…

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Ontology Runs Halloween-Themed Trading Contest

Ontology is running a Halloween-themed trading competition and airdrop. The event began this morning, October 29th, and will run until 11:59 PM on November 4th (UTC). The competition, dubbed “Candy Box,” will give away tradable tokens to Ontology users, trick-or-treat style. Ontology’s “Candy Box” Registered participants are each given nine randomly-colored pumpkin tokens. These pumpkin…

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What is Equihash? | Guide to Equihash Coins

Most cryptocurrencies rely on proof-of-work (PoW) mining to secure their networks from double-spending in a censorship resistant way. In order to maintain censorship resistance, the network of miners must be sufficiently decentralized. In the early days of cryptocurrency, it became apparent that ASICs were leading to centralization of mining. There were many attempts to create…

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